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Friendship Painting

September 12, 2014 by mrskbell   

During centers this week we painted with a friend.  I was so impressed with how well they worked together and created a picture!

Here are their masterpieces:

054“We are building a barn”

056“My Uncle likes International (tractors), better than John Deere.  So I’m painting an International.””I’m adding a cornstalk”

057“We’re painting race cars.  They have to jump through the holes!”


058  “I’m making a chipmunk.” “I’m making water for the chipmunk”


059“There is rain and rain puddles.  It’s a rain storm!”

055“We’re making colors”

061“We’re painting butterflies”

062“We’re making persons, rainbows, and then butterflies.”

063“I’m painting Spankie my cat.” ” I’m painting a road”

064“The guy jumps over the rainbow, just like the cow jumps over the moon.”

065“We are painting lots of things.  Race cars, tractors, and monster trucks!”

060“Painting a rainbow and kitty.”


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